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We are your highly motivated outsourced transportation department
  • You are in need to organize guest transfer, but you do it just because you have to?
  • You see how taxi companies earn on you and your clients. You want the same, but realize that transportation is not your core business?
  • Are you tired of the opacity of settlements with transport contractors, optional, thier lack of discipline and your time spent on administration of trips of your guests and customers?
  • Can't you give up personal logistics services, or risk adding it as a competitive advantage to stand out from the competition?
Contract us and we will :
  • Take care of all negotiations with your transport contractors
  • Let's make your guests' transportation logistics transparent and profitable
  • Organize and systematize all business processes related to the movement of your customers. We will offer new technological solutions
  • Allow you to engage in core business and open new revenue opportunities in the logistics of your customers
You can order the trips from the Equipage service by:
  • placing an urgent order (ETA 10-20 minutes);
  • placing a preliminary order or the specific date and time (not earlier than an hour before);
  • making a phone call when having a valid contract and a personal manager (who can place orders in the system instead of the client if needed).

Our tariff scale is individual and can be easily adjusted to the needs of the client’s during the negotiations. We can not only change the price, but adjust the conditions of applying tariffs. For instance, we can integrate tourist routes for hourly tours of the client's guests in the system.

The company is ready to suggest the following tariff options:
  • by a taximeter;
  • fixed rates;
  • a combination of a taximeter and a fixed rate;
  • hourly rent of an equipage with a driver.
  • if a client is willing, we are ready to consider administering corporate or private parks or adding extra classes (Comfort+) of services.

All the above mentioned points are kept track of in our information system. Its data is available to the client in the personal account.

For legal entities, clients can make deferred payments to our company that depend on the amount of expenses for the rides.

For Business
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