For Hotels

If your hotel has a need to arrange transfer services for the guests, we can be of use for you. Our company arranges business and premium class transfer services with the experience of working with the hotels ranging from 4*.

You can cooperate with us in the following way:
  • We can suggest fixed rates for stations and ports to expand the range of your front office services. We can provide cars with drivers for hourly trips around the city for the guests if needed;
  • We have no difficulty tracing any flight for your guests. Tracking happens automatically. We do manage the time.
  • We can create a “club” tariff for loyal clients or partners in our application. We can also provide services for the events arranged on the hotel territory;
  • Our software has an API interface that allows integrating the possibility to order transfer services into your application or CRM system;
  • Our team can help you develop your own application;
  • We understand the business needs of the individual business and the importance of a brand that is why we are ready to act as a “whitelabel” for our transfer services.
  • Equipage is also interested in adding the possibility to book your hotel rooms in our application by acting as your partner for the guests who are visiting the city.
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