This Privacy Policy has been elaborated by Personal Driver limited liability company according to the Federal law dated from 27.07.2006 № 152-ФЗ About Personal Data and stipulates the rules of using personal information received from the people who sign up at

Terms and Definitions

This Privacy Policy unless directly implied herein,implies that the following terms have the below mentioned meanings:  

«Equipage»Personal Driver limited liability company (under the laws of Russian Federation), Main State Registration Number is 1167746355105, Identification Code is 7725313500; Location: 123112 Moscow, 12 Presnenskaya shore-drive, 23rd floor, office A 1.20


Any contract and/or agreement concluded between OOO Personal Driver and User whose information is available at Site and/or in Application.

Personal Data

Any information that refers directly or indirectly to User and/or third parties, whose information is provided by User via Application, Site and/or an authorized email address. 


Any person who uses System and has concluded Agreement.

Application / System

Equipage software the right owner of which is OOO Personal Driver that is uploaded to Site and the resources for downloading to mobile communications devices of User. 


Resource OOO Personal Driver on the Internet – the location of System

Using Application and Site means User’s consent to this Privacy Policy and its terms and conditions. 

Information Equipage System Receives

  1. Equipage gets access and uses Personal data, technical and other information connected to User and/or third parties using System or information about which has been provided by User for the intended purposes herein. 
  2. Technical information is not Personal data. However, Equipage uses cookies that allow identifying User. Cookies are text files available for Equipage to process information about User activity including the information about the pages User visited and the time they spent on pages. User can disable cookies usage in the browser settings. 
  3. Equipage processes only Personal Data that User provides to the former via Application, Site and/or within Agreement execution. The following information can be understood by Personal data in particular:
    • Full Name;
    • Passport data;
    • Email address;
    • Contact phone number;
    • Date of birth;
    • Other information given by User in System and/or provided to Equipage via the authorized email address.
  4. Equipage processes Personal data, technical information and other User information in the next 10 years from the moment of submitting such information.

Personal Data

  1. User gives consent to Equipage company to process Personal Data including transferring the data to third parties even if this transfer occurs on the territory of foreign countries (cross-border transfer). 
  2. Users agrees to get information sendouts and advertising material from Equipage or other persons authorized by Equipage to the email address and phone number provided by User during the signup at System. 

Purposes of Using Data Provided by User

Information provided by User is used by Equipage exclusively for the following purposes:

  • To satisfy and discharge obligations to User and third parties hereof;
  • To establish and keep contact with User;
  • To send information and other messages to the email address of User;
  • To improve the quality of services and System modernization;
  • To sign up User and identify User in System;
  • To deliver justice in case of enquiry to Equipage from authorized bodies;
  • To meet the demands of legislation of the Russian Federation.

Arrangements Taken to Protect the Data User Provides to System and Equipage Guarantees

  1. Equipage takes necessary and sufficient legal, organizational, and technical arrangements to protect the data provided by Users from unlawful and random access, being deleted, altered, distributed blocked, copied, distributed as well as other unlawful actions with it from third parties by restricting access to such information from other Site users, employees and partners of Equipage, third parties (excluding the information Equipage provides to meet the obligations before User and requirements stipulated by the legislation of the russian Federation) as well as imposing sanctions on these parties for violating non-disclosure agreement as per the data. 
  2. Equipage guarantees that the information User provides is not combined with the statistics data and is not transferred to third parties and does not get disclosed except for the cases stipulated in Privacy Policy. 
  3. Equipage takes technical and organizational arrangements to enable User to gain access to the information they have provided and edit such information.

Rights of Equipage

  1. Equipage is eligible to do statistical and other analyses based on the personalized information provided by User. Equipage is eligible to grant third parties with an access to these analyses. User gives consent to such research by accepting the Privacy Policy. 
  2. Equipage is eligible to provide the authorities and other government bodies with the information about Users within the frame of a litigation based on the court ruling, of mandatory compliance with the request or as cooperation as well as other cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. 
  3. Equipage is eligible to provide  third parties with the information about Users to reveal and restrain fraud, eliminate technical issues or security problems. 
  4. Equipage is eligible to provide insurance companies with the information about users and passengers to assure property interests of Users and/or the passengers indicated by User regarding infliction of harm to health and/or death of Users and/or the passengers indicated by User as a result of a motorized vehicular accident that occured while Partner of transport services was providing services. The information about the insurance company which is provided with the information about Users and the passengers indicated by them is placed by Equipage in Application and/or at Site.

Rights of Users

  1. User can delete or alter the submitted information any time by performing the required actions in System and where that is not practicable by contacting Equipage at Thererin, Equipage is eligible to continue using this information where permitted by the Russian legislation.
  2. Consent to receive information sendouts and advertisement material can be revoked by User at any time by submitting the corresponding notification to Equipage in the same way. 


  1. Equipage reserves the right to make changes to Privacy Policy. User is liable to get familiarized with the text of the Privacy Policy upon each request to Site. Redrafted Privacy Policy comes into effect from the moment of its publishing at Site and in Application. 
  2. Continuation of using System after publishing a redrafted version of the Privacy policy at Site and/or in Application implies accepting the Privacy Policy and its terms and conditions by User.
  3. In case User disagrees with the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy, they shall not use System. 

Contradictions Elimination

When Agreements concluded between Equipage and User embody regulations about using personal information and/or Personal data, provisions of the Privacy Policy and such agreement in the part that is not contradictory to this Privacy Policy shall be applied.