For Banks

If your credit organization has a need to create new products to encourage loyalty of the premium clients and you are considering third-party contractors for the staff’s image trips to run daily errands, our company can be of use.   

We not only arrange transportation, we are also software developers (iOS, Android, and Web)  customizable to the needs of a partner or a customer. We understand the peculiarities of working with premium clients and monitor the execution quality. 

You can cooperate with us in the following way:
  • A concierge service for your premium clients in Moscow and Saint Petersburg focused on the transport logistics. Because you need transfer services to to get to an event or catch a flight. Booking and tickets purchasing are just a nice bonus;
  • We manage the time and have no difficulty tracing the flight between the “two capitals”. Tracking happens automatically in our system;
  • Our company can provide equipage outside the service zones of the transport aggregators. It is important for the bank clients who live in the remote elite areas;
  • Our specialists are able to make package offers for the bank clients of different levels. It is possible to classify them by the activated bank card.
  • The EQ marketing system allows using discounts and is able to trace the duration and efficiency of the bank transaction carried out;
  • Our software has an API interface that allows integrating the possibility to order services into your application or CRM system and help plan working movement around the city and transfers on business trips;
  • Our team can help you develop and improve the attractiveness of our own application;
  • We understand the business needs in the premium segment and the importance of a brand that is why we are ready to act as a “whitelabel” while preserving the service quality.
For Banks
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